Encounters with Alterity

At the latest Earth First! gathering in the brisk and sunny hills of rural Cuffley, nearly a week of thought-provoking workshops, networking with truly inspiring people, and exquisite vegan meals, I had profound, moving experiences with alterity. Alterity typically denotes otherness, though particularly radical 'otherness', that which is so different to what one typically thinks … Continue reading Encounters with Alterity

My Vision for Our Future Ecotopia

(Featured image a concept painting of San Francisco in 2048 for the film, The Fifth Sacred Thing, courtesy of Jessica Perlstein) In light of our era’s myriad socio-ecological crises, the utopian imaginary is no mere imaginative exercise, it is utterly vital for the continuity of life as we know it. The rapacious global socioeconomic system … Continue reading My Vision for Our Future Ecotopia