Climate Refugees Are Here- and They’re Not Only Human

This weekend I decided to binge-watch David Attenborough's breathtaking new series, Our Planet. Like its predecessors, it features impossibly beautiful footage of wild places from the frozen Arctic to lush rainforests and scorching African deserts, and exclusive glimpses into the lives of our incredible co-evolutionary kin. Only this time, the series' tone is more ominous … Continue reading Climate Refugees Are Here- and They’re Not Only Human


"Developmental psychologists have effectively shut out the world of butterflies, ponds, and porcupines...It has thus not occurred to researchers, furthermore, to ask about the possible ongoing harm of being restricted to domestic, human-dominated settings- as opposed to the more wild, multispecific sorts that have been the norm for all humans up until only recent times" … Continue reading Biophiliac

Earth First! Extraordinary First Encounters

On Saturday, February 25th, 2017, I had my very first encounter with activists from the radical direct-action group, Earth First!, at their biannual 'Winter Moot' gathering in Manchester. As a longtime enthusiast and admirer of their work and incredible passion for animals and the natural support systems on which we all depend, and as they … Continue reading Earth First! Extraordinary First Encounters