Exploring Rationales for Veganism: Ontological Veganism vs. Ecological Animalism

Recent years have seen a near meteoric rise in the popularity of veganism. Whereas not too long ago it was a real hassle to find vegetarian, let alone vegan, options on restaurant menus and in supermarkets, now supermarket chains like Tesco, Aldi, and Sainsbury's have entire isles dedicated to veggie and vegan food ranges. Although… Continue reading Exploring Rationales for Veganism: Ontological Veganism vs. Ecological Animalism


Agency All Around

One of the curious paradoxes of the Anthropocene is that the extensive ecological damage wrought by human activity has also revealed an agentic earth and more-than-human entities that are reacting to human encroachments. We are beginning to realize that we are not the only influencers and earth-movers, but that other species, entities, and earth forces… Continue reading Agency All Around

Welcome to the Anthropocene

(Pictured above: An Orangutan desperately charges at a bulldozer in a last-ditch effort to protect the final remnants of his forest home in Borneo) There is no longer serious debate around the fact we have since left the Holocene and entered a new and wholly unpredictable era: the era of humans as a geological force… Continue reading Welcome to the Anthropocene

Encounters with Alterity

At the latest Earth First! gathering in the brisk and sunny hills of rural Cuffley, nearly a week of thought-provoking workshops, networking with truly inspiring people, and exquisite vegan meals, I had profound, moving experiences with alterity. Alterity typically denotes otherness, though particularly radical 'otherness', that which is so different to what one typically thinks… Continue reading Encounters with Alterity

My Vision for Our Future Ecotopia

(Featured image a concept painting of San Francisco in 2048 for the film, The Fifth Sacred Thing, courtesy of Jessica Perlstein) In light of our era’s myriad socio-ecological crises, the utopian imaginary is no mere imaginative exercise, it is utterly vital for the continuity of life as we know it. The rapacious global socioeconomic system… Continue reading My Vision for Our Future Ecotopia

Earth First! Extraordinary First Encounters

On Saturday, February 25th, 2017, I had my very first encounter with activists from the radical direct-action group, Earth First!, at their biannual 'Winter Moot' gathering in Manchester. As a longtime enthusiast and admirer of their work and incredible passion for animals and the natural support systems on which we all depend, and as they… Continue reading Earth First! Extraordinary First Encounters