A Trip to the Zoo

Featured Above: A large and very curious Galapagos tortoise inspects my camera while I lean in for a shot. A family trip to the brilliantly sunny Miami Metro Zoo this past weekend got me thinking of the relative merits of zoos in the wider context of modern society. What exactly do they offer that accounts … Continue reading A Trip to the Zoo

Climate Change, Ideology, and the Manufacture of Doubt

- Below is an excerpt from a paper that I wrote for one of my MSc classes whose topic is now more timely than ever. The world’s foremost governing authority on climate science, the International Panel on Climate Change, declared in its 2013 summary report for policymakers with unambiguous lucidity: “The atmosphere and ocean have … Continue reading Climate Change, Ideology, and the Manufacture of Doubt

Top 11 Most Life-Changing Books

Here's a list of the books (along with a memorable quote from each!) that have rocked the foundations of my perspectives on the human condition and our relative place in the cosmos. Topics include utopian fiction, ecology, socio-political analyses & critiques, animal ethics, conservation, psychoanalysis, philosophy, history, and literature. Enjoy! The Universe Within - Neil … Continue reading Top 11 Most Life-Changing Books