Agency All Around

One of the curious paradoxes of the Anthropocene is that the extensive ecological damage wrought by human activity has also revealed an agentic earth and more-than-human entities that are reacting to human encroachments. We are beginning to realize that we are not the only influencers and earth-movers, but that other species, entities, and earth forces… Continue reading Agency All Around


Welcome to the Anthropocene

(Pictured above: An Orangutan desperately charges at a bulldozer in a last-ditch effort to protect the final remnants of his forest home in Borneo) There is no longer serious debate around the fact we have since left the Holocene and entered a new and wholly unpredictable era: the era of humans as a geological force… Continue reading Welcome to the Anthropocene

Ideas for the Development of a New Ecological Paradigm

"We realize that the one contains the all, the greatest is in the smallest, and each particle of dust contains the whole cosmos. We are learning to love you and our Father more, and to love one another in the light of such insight. We know that this non-dualistic way of seeing things can help… Continue reading Ideas for the Development of a New Ecological Paradigm