Unacknowledged Urban Marvels

Many of us dwelling in and around the myriad concrete jungles of the world may not realize that we have the great honor of sharing these spaces with the last living descendants of the dinosaurs, namely an ancient group of two-legged giants known as theropods. Few of us give these beings the consideration that their unique characteristics and … Continue reading Unacknowledged Urban Marvels



"Developmental psychologists have effectively shut out the world of butterflies, ponds, and porcupines...It has thus not occurred to researchers, furthermore, to ask about the possible ongoing harm of being restricted to domestic, human-dominated settings- as opposed to the more wild, multispecific sorts that have been the norm for all humans up until only recent times" … Continue reading Biophiliac

Earth First! Extraordinary First Encounters

On Saturday, February 25th, 2017, I had my very first encounter with activists from the radical direct-action group, Earth First!, at their biannual 'Winter Moot' gathering in Manchester. As a longtime enthusiast and admirer of their work and incredible passion for animals and the natural support systems on which we all depend, and as they … Continue reading Earth First! Extraordinary First Encounters

New Materialism for a Posthumanist Ethic

One key aspect of the ecological self and what I maintain to be vital elements of newly harmonious human-nature relations is encapsulated by the transdisciplinary theory of ‘new materialism’ (DeLanda, 1996), which rethinks subjectivity and lends primacy to the role played by matter (atoms, molecules, earth processes, etc.) in the agentic, metamorphosing, and self-organizing natural … Continue reading New Materialism for a Posthumanist Ethic

Transgressive Environmentalism: Sea Shepherd and the Indespensible Role of Direct-Action

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a nonprofit direct-action marine conservation organization, was initially conceived as the ‘Earth Force Society’ in 1977 in Vancouver, Canada by Captain Paul Watson, a former Greenpeace member. In 1981 it became officially incorporated in Oregon as a US-based environmental group (SSCS, 2016), and has since become an international phenomenon whose … Continue reading Transgressive Environmentalism: Sea Shepherd and the Indespensible Role of Direct-Action

Investigating Perceptions of the Animal ‘Other’

(A great deal of my research involves uncovering and analyzing the wealth of factors- historical, cultural, psychological, socioeconomic- that influence varying human perceptions of nature and animals, so that we may work towards dismantling that final barrier: the human-animal divide. This piece provides a glimpse into this field and sheds light on some of the … Continue reading Investigating Perceptions of the Animal ‘Other’